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    Extra protection on

    holiday thanks to

    UV-C technology

    Hotel Arizona

    Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy


    Hotel Arizona has chosen Signify's innovative and effective Philips UV-C technology to ensure disinfection and peace of mind for its guests and employees.


    The disinfection of the air in highly frequented environments is becoming more relevant. We are proud,   through our UV-C technology,  

    to provide a sense of security for Hotel Arizona's guests.”




    - Julian Rymarz, Public & Government Affairs Manager IIG

    The challenge


    Among the growing priorities of the Hospitality sector, ensuring the peace of mind of guests, especially during the high season for tourism, is one of the most important. For this reason, the Arizona hotel chose Signify's innovative Philips UV-C air disinfection technology to add an additional layer of protection in areas such as the lobby, corridors, bars and restaurants.

    The challenge

    A sense of security thanks to UV-C technology


    To enhance the disinfection of Hotel Arizona's areas, such as the reception and the restaurant, Signify installed 7 Philips UV-C Upper Air devices. These directly disinfect the air in the upper part of the environment without interrupting normal activities. Indeed, thanks to their innovative technology, they quickly neutralize any viruses and bacteria utilizing normal air recirculation. In this way, guests of the Hotel Arizona will be able to enjoy their stay knowing there is an added layer of protection.

    Active air

    Philips UV-C disinfection upper air ceiling mounted

    Designed to be installed on suspended ceilings and allow the disinfection of a large volume of air even during the performance of daily activities.


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    Upper air

    Philips UV-C disinfection upper air wall mounted

    Browse UV-C disinfection upper air wall mounted products and find the product you are looking for here, including product specifications and where to buy.


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