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    Enhancing an architectural

    work of art

    Finlandia Hall,

    Find out how Finlandia Hall is saving energy and impressing guests with architectural lighting.
    Philips architectural lighting has installed impressive energy saving lights to the exterior of Finlandia Hall

    We managed to

    energy consumption in the conference rooms by a third without the conference guests noticing any difference in the amount of light.”
    Purple ColorReach floodlights draw attention to the beautiful Finlandia Hall building
    With the help of Philips architectural lighting, Finlandia Hall is now home to beautiful light displays

    Customer challenge


    Finlandia hall isn’t just an event venue – it’s a work of art. Designed by legendary Finnish designer Alvar Aalto, it offers a unique environment for conferences, banquets, concerts and more. Could Philips replace its outdated and impractical lighting system with an energy-efficient equivalent?

    Finlandia Hall has replaced their incandescent bulbs with energy saving MASTER LED bulbs from Philips

    The right lighting 

    Finlandia’s lighting system was in need of an overhaul. Alvar Alto’s original vision was that only incandescent light bulbs should be used as the hall’s source of artificial light. However, because these bulbs were prone to overheating, they need frequent replacement. In addition, the heat and dust left black marks on the ceiling. The hall also had a hundred floor lamps that became scorching hot and could have caused considerable damage if they had fallen over.


    LED was the answer. We replaced the incandescent bulbs with MASTER LED bulbs, which provide similar light levels without emitting heat. These energy saving lights can fit in the same sockets as the incandescent bulbs, so the venue could keep using the fittings which were designed by Alvar Alto. The fittings create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere throughout the venue.


    On the roof, six ColorReach floodlights were installed. This flexible architectural lighting creates attractive lighting effects on the building façade, giving it a unique look that can be seen from afar. The new lights can be changed for different events, and because they are controlled from inside the building, lighting managers never need to venture onto the cold roof.


    The interior lights are controlled by motion sensors, which switch the fixtures off automatically when nobody is around. The intelligent light controls and the energy-efficient performance of the LED bulbs have cut energy consumption by a third, saving the venue 3500 euros per year.

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