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    One of the world’s
    largest vertical farms

    Innovatus Inc,
    Fuji City, Japan

    Find out how Innovatus Inc. is delivering 12,000 heads of exceptionally high-quality lettuce per day to Tokyo from one of the world’s largest vertical farms.
    Hitoshi Wada Innovatus

    are eagerly

    embracing pesticide-free, wash-free lettuce”


    - Hitoshi Wada, Director of management and general affairs

    Innovatus City Farm

    Customer Challenge


    Japanese consumers have become increasingly concerned about food safety. People worry about pesticide-treated vegetables cultivated outdoors and the effects of fine particle pollutants that are a serious health risk. Therefore Innovatus’ guiding mission was to “reliably supply safe and secure food and contribute to a sustainable Japan and planet”.

    A pesar de que la tecnología ofrece cada vez más facilidad para
    A pesar de que la tecnología ofrece cada vez más facilidad para
    Innovatus City Farm

    The right lighting


    In March 2015 Innovatus, one of the world’s largest completely closed-environment vertical farms, began operating the Fuji Farm using LED lighting. The factory grows five varieties of lettuces, mainly frilled lettuce, green leaf and romaine, and has advanced, automatically-controlled equipment that monitors everything from air temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration to nutrient liquid.

    “The Philips LED modules allow us to create consistent quality locally, using only a fraction of the water and electricity compared to open field lettuce or fluorescent lighting,” says cultivation management group team leader Shinichi Kitamura. Innovatus coordinates LED exposure time with shipping times so that even lettuce picked in the afternoon has the same quality as lettuce picked in the morning. Innovatus can also get lettuce into Tokyo supermarkets just two hours after shipment and consumers have praised the lettuce for being both extremely fresh and flavorful without the inconsistencies of lettuce cultivated outdoors.

    To produce even more of this fast-selling lettuce, construction plans for a new factory are already underway.

    GreenPower LED Production Module

    Philips GreenPower LED Production Module

    The production module is developed for more control in multilayer cultivation in conditioned environments with little or no daylight.

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    12,000 heads of
    high-quality lettuce
    per day

    The team

    Innovatus Inc.

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    Toyobo Engineering Co., Ltd.

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