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    Increased Floor Space and Uniformity 


    excellent results and outstanding benefits
    excellent results and outstanding benefits

    Exotic Plant

    Shanghai, China

    Exotic Plant (EP), a family business from Belgium, was founded in 1988 and specializes in the cultivation of pineapple seedlings, arrowroot, bananas and plantains, orchids, anthurium, and other plant varieties. In 2008, this global supplier of high-quality seedlings officially entered the Chinese market, establishing Exotic Plant Shanghai Co., Ltd.
    Exotic Plant Philips Horticulture

    We trust


    as an innovative lighting partner to help achieve our business goals."


    - Peter De Ridder, Deputy General Manager Exotic Plant

    EP Shanghai

    The challenge


    The use of fluorescent lighting in tissue culture production poses certain problems, e.g., poor heat dissipation and unstable climate in the tissue culture lab. As a plant biologist with nearly 20 years of experience in the horticultural industry, Peter believes that plants growing in different stages have different light needs. For EP, the key to success is finding suitable light recipes to improve plant growth, thereby increasing production efficiency, satisfying the needs of production, and meeting market demand.

    EP Shanghai

    The right lighting


    The newest TLED modules offer significant advantages in promoting plant growth. They emit light at a wide angle and high uniformity, which improves the color of the plants on the whole rack. This also results in more uniform sized plants. The laboratory manager Kerry commented that, "For our bare-root seedlings, the plants are more robust and the rooting rate has also improved."

    Moreover, the TLED’s can reduce power consumption by 40%. Because the LEDs produce less heat, they do not disrupt the climate in the tissue cultivation lab, reducing the need for air conditioning. "Compared to traditional fluorescent lights, Philips' TLED’s allow us to reduce the height of planting racks by half", Peter said. "This means we can install more racks, expanding the floor space of 6,000 m2 by 30%." 

    Peter is extremely happy with Philips and this new product. "Our Philips key account manager keeps in close contact with us. At the same time, we can always rely on the professional consulting services of Philips Horticulture experts and technological support," he said.

    Philips TLED



    The TLED offers an efficient alternative in tissue culture to traditional fluorescent lamps.


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    Consistent plant quality

    through more uniform light

    The Team

    Exotic Plant

    Shanghai Tissue Culture Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 

    Horti LED partner

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