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    Getting to the Roots of your

    bedding plants

    Bordine's Farm,

    Michigan, USA

    Bordine's, the largest family-owned retail garden center in Michigan, encompasses four locations including the 100-acre Bordine's Farm, that propagates 10 million seedlings every year.
    Dave Redoutey

    The Begonias rooted
    one week faster 

    -it was amazing."


    - Dave Redoutey, Propagation Grower

    Bordines greenhouse

    The challenge


    Propagation at Bordine’s Farm takes place during winter months when natural light levels are at their lowest. Because the farm propagates the majority of their own annuals and perennials, Bordine’s is always striving to improve transplant rates and reduce rooting time.

    Bordine's greenhouse

    The right lighting


    Redoutey pursued testing propagating Bordine’s most popular annual bedding plants and perennials including Begonia, Petunia, Geranium, and Vinca under Philips GreenPower LED toplighting. He compared test results against historical data of propagating the same plants under high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures and natural sunlight.


    When compared to HPS, the results of the four-week LED toplighting trial included:

    • More compact growth when examining and measuring to the height of the apical point
    • Increased basal, vegetative bud development without the use of PGRs
    • Faster root development allowing for earlier transplanting•
    • Prominent pigmentation particularly in geranium leaves
    • Leaves were sturdier and tougher to the touch indicating healthier growth


    Of the results of the LED toplighting trial, Redoutey said, “Just about everything about the results surprised me. I’m now a big believer in the Philips LEDs.”

    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

    The LED-based toplighting solution from Philips opens up new opportunities to improve winter production for greenhouse growers of not only perennials but also bedding plants, potted roses, and ornamentals as well as high-wire tomatoes and peppers, and leafy greens including lettuce and herbs.

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    The Team

    Bordine's Farm


    Fred C. Gloeckner

    Philips LED Horti partner

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