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    excellent results and outstanding benefits
    excellent results and outstanding benefits


    Moscow, Russia

    Russia’s most innovative greenhouse produce company, Agro-Inwest, set out to build a gigantic new greenhouse for tomatoes and cucumbers. Spanning an area equivalent to 40 football fields, over 25 hectares, the project is the largest LED horticultural lighting project ever undertaken.

    Philips is


    a network of Russian partners, willingly sharing its knowledge and investing in training programs for Russian experts."


    - Irina Meshkova, Deputy CEO and General Director, Agro-Inwest


    The challenge


    Agro-Inwest decided early on to invest in LEDs because of the benefits they offer. “We have a reputation for innovation on a large scale and LED grow lights are definitely the future. They deliver the right light for the plant, exactly when and where the plant needs it the most, while radiating far less heat than conventional lighting. This allows us to place them closer to the plants,” says Irina Meshkova, Deputy CEO and General Director, Agro-Inwest. “Thanks to this technology we will be able to increase yields in the darker months of the year, and significantly reduce our energy usage.” This will allow Agro-Inwest to supply fresh produce to Moscow retail outlets within the same day.

    Greenhouse Agro-Inwest

    The right lighting


    Agro-Inwest asked several companies to bid on the project and chose global leader Philips Lighting for the LED installation. “It is very important for us that Philips, having gained extensive experience, provides full technical and agricultural support. LEDs will of course require additional investment, but if the yield increases significantly, the project pay-off period will be the originally planned 6-7 years.”


    The installation work was carried out in 2017 under the supervision of Philips Lighting’s technical experts, who regularly visited the facility. The installation consists of Philips GreenPower LED toplighting and Philips GreenPower LED interlighting. But even after installation, Philips Lighting will provide full agricultural support for the project. Meshkova: “For us Philips Lighting is an example of genuine teamwork.”


    LEDs will enable year-round growing, help boost yields - especially in winter - and will save 50 percent on energy costs compared to conventional high-pressure sodium lighting.

    Philips TLED

    Philips GreenPower LED interlighting


    The interlighting module is a bi-directional lighting module for interlighting in between tall plants e.g. tomatoes.


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    GreenPower LED toplighting

    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting


    Philips Lighting introduced a LED-based toplighting solution for greenhouse growers, easy to install and no need for water cooling systems.


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    Predictible growth and

    energy savings



    Vegetables and fruit


    Agrolux and LLC ST Solution


    Moscow, Russia


    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting and GreenPower LED interlighting for 25 hectare greenhouse


    Increase yield and improve crop quality

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