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    the deal

    BMW Mini car showroom
    Tel Aviv, Israel


    The BMW Mini showroom is a striking glass building that required a lighting design to reflect the brand, show the cars at their best and attract the attention of passers-by without being a distraction.

    Yashar Architects, innovative, concept, Philips, OneSpace, lighting

    What we

    was a kind of a lighting beacon along the freeway, a reference point that you can't ignore but doesn't blind you.”


    - Jonathan Groswasser, Yashar Architects

    BMW, showroom, lighting, interior, yashar, architects, office
    BMW, showroom, lighting, interior, yashar, architects, car

    Customer Challenge 

    The BMW Mini showroom is located at the main entry to Tel Aviv on the east-west highway to Jerusalem – a major thoroughfare that millions of cars pass day and night. An innovative glass building designed by Jonathan Groswasser, the high-end showroom isn’t hard to miss.

    For the showroom’s lighting, Delek Motors (the owners) followed strict brand guidelines from the automotive franchise. Yashar Architects’ devised an innovative concept with luminous ceiling panels instead of classic plaster and lighting fixtures. This required a manufacturer who could meet the full surface illuminated ceilings specs and deliver soft, evenly spread light with powerful luminosity.
    Philips, lighting project, showroom, bmw, telaviv, israel, exterior, building, façade

    The right lighting

    Philips OneSpace was the ideal solution as the luminous panels create ambient lighting allowing for 70% of the luminance throughout the building. To retain the focus and power on the cars, 'dark light' spots inspired by basic 1960s modern buildings in New York were interwoven among the panels. These barely visible spots subtly provide strong lighting on the cars without blinding visitors or disturbing the showroom ambience. 


    Another consideration was the interplay between the ceiling's luminous panel scheme and the powerful flat light of Israel’s desert climate. Because BMW requires 1000 Lux on the cars constantly to present them in the proper light, the solution developed by the lighting designers from IDEA-LS needed to ensure that the combined power of the luminosity and sunlight didn’t make the interior of the ‘glass box’ showroom too bright. The building’s DALI control system uses sensors and light mounts all over the showroom to balance the Philips lighting panels’ brightness with incoming natural light throughout the day. 


    Because the building’s three floors have 500 m2 of light panel ceiling, size was a critical factor. We customized two panel sizes while keeping other specifications standard in agreement with the customer and the architect for maintenance and after-sales support purposes. And with seven-meter high ceilings, the panels’ good acoustic qualities were a key advantage as they afforded customers and advisors privacy during transactions in the showroom's large open spaces.

    An intense collaboration between 
    architect, lighting designer, client and contractor

    The Team

    Delek Motors

    Yashar Architects


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    Lighting designer

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    Vitania Ltd.

    Engineer and installer

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