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    City architecture: 

    sculpting scenery with light

    Bibao’s city Pavilion, 


    Find out how a dynamic city sculpture was bought to life with light.
    light sculpture represents Bilbao's evolution

    A luminous masterpiece 

    that allows the visitor to experience the evolution of Bilbao through a multimedia and interactive tour."
    display the urban evolution of a city with light
    display the urban evolution of a city with light

    Customer challenge

    For the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Spanish city of Bilbao was chosen out of 113 competing cities as a shining example of sustainable urban development. To celebrate this recognition, Bilbao representatives set up an installation explaining the city’s evolution at the event. But in order to do Bilbao’s achievements justice, something remarkable was needed for the centerpiece.
    dynamic light sculpture

    The right lighting


    Bilbao’s installation at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, entitled ‘Bilbao Guggenheim’, celebrated the remarkable transformation the city has made over the last 25 years. Growing from a state of environmental deterioration and industrial crisis to become one of the Europe’s most attractive cities, Bilbao is a shining example of urban renewal. The centerpiece of the installation at the Expo, which was constructed by artist Esther Pizarro, was a huge sculpture of light and matter representing the city’s architecture.


    Philips was proud to supply the light. The installation was designed as a ‘closed box’, in which illumination helps to create an entrancing experience. iColor Flex SL technology was chosen for dynamic lighting of the sculpture, enabling individual control of each LED. The resulting color effects, which changed and mutated in front of viewers’ eyes, allowed the artist to create boxes of lights and glowing networks of LEDs. With the aid of computer programming, these networks were used to create a luminous choreography that represented the transformation of the city.


    Bilbao’s estuary was recreated using Philips Flexitube LED. More than 80 meters of glowing blue Flexitube were used, cutting a vibrant swathe through the city that gave a nod of recognition to the dragons of Chinese mythology. Control of the lighting effects was supplied by the Pharos LPC20 controller, which is programmed in harmony with the videos projected onto the walls. The end result was a breathtaking blend of art and light.


    Philips provided the pavilion’s entire turnkey audiovisual solution, including dynamic lighting systems, control and programming, video projectors, content management software, audio effects equipment, and commissioning of the installation.

    City architecture: sculpting scenery
    with light

    The team

    Bilbao City Council


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    Artemio Fochs, Carlos Lahoz, Inés Primo de Rivera




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    Esther Pizarro

    Model designer

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