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    Efficient and sustainable
    production system with LED lighting 


    Can Gio Dist., HCMC, Vietnam


    ShrimpVet offers the aquaculture industry a variety of services, ranging from research to breeding to diagnostics to technical support to education to disease control and beyond.

    Yellowtail fish in RAS

    Adding lighting to
    shrimp production,

    makes the shrimp grows faster and increase the survival rate by 35%. I saw this as a huge potential to increase shrimp production.”


    - Loc Tran, founder and director ShrimpVet 

    LED lighting shrimp

    Customer Challenge


    Recently this innovative organization turned its attention to overcoming certain challenges endemic to the shrimp industry: disease control, pollutant environment, and insufficient stability in the farming system; resulting in inconsistent shrimp yields, high production costs and lower profits for farmers. “That’s why we need to improve, perfect the aquaculture system, as well as applying technologies such as lighting to increase shrimp’s growth and resistance to weather and season change,” says Loc Tran, founder and director of ShrimpVet.

    The solution


    Shrimp have historically been farmed in the absence of the lighting solutions that support farming of other types of seafood. ShrimpVet’s experts thought that the time had come to change that. “Applying technologies such as lighting would increase shrimp’s growth and resistance to weather and seasonal changes,” Loc says. ShrimpVet and Signify teamed up to perform research that focus on shrimp grow out phase using Philips AquaAdvance 260W Shrimp and a specific light recipe developed for shrimp.

    Philips AquaAdvance 260W Shrimp

    Philips AquaAdvance 260W Shrimp


    The cutting-edge land-based aquaculture lighting offer in combination with its control systems are made to help to push your production further. Philips Aquaculture lights provide artificial light, replacing the sun by utilizing the unique fish light spectrum in an uniform fashion everywhere in the cage, avoiding shadows, flickering or other elements that create stress.

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