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    Floating Garden:

    greener with connected lighting

    Connected lighting

    for Szczecin


    The Polish city of Szczecin, nicknamed “floating garden”, is using CityTouch software and LED luminaires to manage its lighting infrastructure.

    Szczecin city connects life with light

    The total connected lighting system
    provides massive cost savings up to 70%.        

    This is an incredible contribution to the smart city approach of Szczecin.”


    - Piotr Krzystek, President of Szczecin City

    Szczecin city connects life with light
    Szczecin city connects life with light

    Customer challenge


    In the interests of enhancing its attractiveness and competitiveness, the city’s municipal authorities raised funding under the priority program “Green Investment Scheme” (GIS) - SOWA “Energy efficient street lighting” aimed at replacing existing street lighting with a modern, eco-friendly and economical system.

    Szczecin city connects life with light

    The right lighting 


    In total 4,985 Luma luminaires were installed, 1,888 are managed by the CityTouch connect application. Through communication and control of the individual light points in this network, the previous static lighting system is transformed into an intelligent system controlled from the operator’s computer.

    • The use of LED technology reduces electricity consumption by up to 50% compared to the previous sodium lighting system. Nearly 2 000 luminaires are managed by CityTouch, and can be flexibly dimmed depending on the weather, traffic movement, or organised events, saving further energy.
    • The white LED light makes the city look more beautiful and brighter at night, which helps people to feel safe.
    • The Luma CityTouch Ready luminaires allow auto-commissioning, auto-locating, and automatic fault notification via the public mobile network. This replaces the complex and labour intensive process of adding and importing all luminaire data into a conventional lighting management system.
    • The CityTouch software platform offers an intuitive user interface.
    • With CityTouch, the city has access to data about the status of each luminaire as well as information about faults as they develop. Maintenance crews can be instructed immediately, improving maintenance efficiency.
    • The CityTouch connect app helps to realise additional savings through accurate energy metering.
    city touch


    CityTouch is a software platform for outdoor lighting. It allows operators to monitor and manage the public outdoor lighting system. They can also store, visualise, and analyse historical information about luminaire performance.

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