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    Safer roads,

    smaller energy bills

    Residential area,
    Enköping, Sweden


    Find out how power-efficient luminaires are making the streets of Enköping feel safe
    A street in a residential area at Enköping, Sweden illuminated with Philips urban lighting

    The LED luminaires have very long lifecycles, 

    which means it is important to collaborate with a reliable company that will stay on the market. This is also true for the municipalities as they have a commitment to the tax payers. Philips is a good partner and provides excellent support."


    - Kjell-Ove Karlsson, project coordinator for Vattenfall Service AB, Lighting

    Customer challenge

    Enköping municipality cares about its residents. To keep residents and drivers safe at night, local government wanted reliable, good quality lights on the streets. At the same time, it wanted to reduce the energy costs of its urban lighting. Philips was tasked with supplying a solution.
    Closer look of a pole luminaire at Enköping, Sweeden

    The right lighting

    Enköping municipality was no stranger to light renovations. The council had previously changed some of its mercury street fixtures with metal halide and high-pressure sodium lights. Municipality officials had since become aware of the advances in lighting technology, and asked Philips to upgrade the remaining 3000 mercury streetlights to LED.


    ClearWay streetlights were just what Enköping needed. Their bright, clear illumination makes it easy for residents to walk and drive around with at night without worrying about what’s in the shadows. What’s more, the new lights are superior financially and environmentally. Previous fixtures needed up to 70W of power, but the new LED lights need only 27W, or 20W when dimmed.


    What’s more, further savings are enabled by state-of-the-art Dynadimmer controls. At around 9 PM, the system dims the lights down to 70%, and at midnight they’re reduced down to 50%. Come 4 AM, lights are increased back up to 70%, and from 6 AM they’re 100% lit. The control system Dynadimmer F2 gives Enköping municipality a 32% increase in energy savings.


    The new fixtures create a welcoming ambience within the streets of Enköping, and have reduced the total energy consumption by 348,000 hours per year.

    Comforting light
    all night

    The team

    Enköping municipality


    Vattenfall Services Nordic AB


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