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    Solar energy lights up the lagoon

    Cavallino Treporti

    Venice, Italy 


    Signify brought Philips SunStay luminaires to Cavallino Treporti, in the province of Venice, to harness solar energy and improve the lighting around the town’s bay area.

    Un breve video sull'illuminazione fluorescente

    Thanks to our solar technology, Cavallino Treporti is now guaranteed efficient street lighting.    

    Despite multiple technical difficulties, citizens and authorities now benefit from high-quality light and improved sustainability."


    -  Andrea Bernardini, Commercial Leader Systems & Services Public at Signify

    Customer challenge


    Cavallino Treporti is located in a peninsula within the metropolitan area of Venice. Given its proximity to a highly frequented tourist area, it was essential to ensure sufficient lighting for the comfort and safety of citizens and tourists, however, the landscape made access to the electrical network complex and costly. The municipality wanted to enhance the quality of light in the streets of the city, especially in the busiest periods when tourism is high.

    La sfida

    Safer roads thanks to solar technology


    With the aim of ensuring greater road safety, Signify has installed 20 Philips SunStay All In One luminaires throughout Cavallino Treporti. The devices have a photovoltaic panel inside that collects and stores energy generated from sunlight. If there is ever insufficient sunlight, the battery can guarantee operation for up to two days. 


    In addition, the integrated PIR sensor automatically increases the level of light when it senses people or vehicles passing by, and decreases it in the absence of movement, further reducing energy consumption. The use of this innovative technology has resulted in efficient and sustainable lighting, ensuring safe and perfectly lit streets for citizens and tourists alike.

    Strade sicure grazie alla tecnologia Solar
    Sun stay

    Philips SunStay All In One

    A solar streetlight luminaire with integrated lithium-iron-phosphate battery, solar panel and charger. Efficient and sustainable, it illuminates desired areas without the need for access to the power grid.

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