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    Safe, attractive and
    efficient lighting

    on the streets of Bördeland

    Bördeland street lighting Bördeland, Germany


    The municipality of Bördeland in Germany was created in 2007 through the fusion of seven districts: Biere, Eggersdorf, Eickendorf, Großmühlingen, Kleinmühlingen, Welsleben and Zens. Bördeland is keen to modernize its infrastructure, attract and retain citizens, and promote economic growth.


    Our main goal is to make the municipality
    an attractive place

    for all generations to live – now and in the future. We see lighting as one of the key enablers to achieve this. By using a new, modern LED lighting concept we want to give citizens a sense of security and appreciation.”


    Bernd Nimmich, Mayor of Bördeland

    Customer Challenge


    When seven districts fused in 2007 to create the municipality of Bördeland, there was no overall, uniform lighting infrastructure. Each district was using different streetlights from different providers – even based on different technologies. This resulted in a lighting infrastructure that was outdated, haphazard, inefficient and difficult to maintain.

    The right lighting


    The municipality required their new lighting installation to last for a long time. This was ensured by selecting an LED-based Philips system. The two luminaire ranges installed in the streets of the municipality are Philips Luma and CityCharm. Bördeland is already enjoying the benefits of the new lighting:


    The clean, high quality light produced by the combination of Luma and CityCharm luminaires provides high visibility on all streets, increasing the sense of safety for road users, cyclists and pedestrians. At the same time, CityCharm with its GentleBeam optical platform delivers light which is subtle and free from dazzle, with hardly any impact on efficiency of the installation

    • Increased comfort


    The new lighting installation has turned Bördeland into a more welcoming space. Lighting in the residential areas is now more gentle on the eye. CityCharm with its GentleBeam optical platform delivers light which is subtle and free from dazzle. Residents along minor roads have remarked that they feel more at ease to go for an evening walk as the footpaths are very clearly illuminated, while light from streetlights is no longer trespassing into their windows at night.

    • Significant savings in energy and maintenance


    The new LED lighting enables energy savings of 76%. Furthermore, using just two LED luminaire families across the whole municipality reduced the complexity of ordering, installation and maintenance operations.

    • Sustainable solution for a better tomorrow


    Thanks to controlled distribution, light is delivered only where it is required, minimizing light waste and reducing light pollution. Moreover, the new solution leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions of 193.5 tons per year.

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    A lighting system
    for decades to come

    The Team

    Municipality of Bördeland


    Avacon Netz GmbH


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