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    BP Petrol Station, Kraków, Poland


    Find out how BP Krakow is saving energy with gas station lighting

    Coolers in the shop of BP petrol station at Krakow, Poland

    LED solutions

    for petrol stations not only help to reduce the costs of energy consumption in a place that is open 24 hours a day, but they also allow for using light as a feature that will encourage customers to do their shopping in a well-lit place and to attract their attention to the products on sale. Professional lighting solutions provide safe and comfortable conditions for motorists, while emphasising and reinforcing the petrol station’s brand”.


    -Witold Antosiewicz, Key Account Manager Retail & Hospitality, Philips Lighting

    Customer challenge


    For people in Poland, BP petrol stations are always a welcome sight. BP isn’t just a place to refuel – it’s also a place to rest and relax, with on-site cafes and everyday items on sale. Could light create an enjoyable ambience for visiting motorists while saving energy?

    The right lighting


    BP had several aims in mind for the new gas station lighting. Not only was it important to create a bright, refreshing ambience while reducing energy costs, but the lights needed to be highly durable. With the petrol stations being open 24 hours a day, it was important to minimize any need for maintenance.


    LED technology products were an ideal match. We began by installing PetrolLED light fixtures to give products a clear, appealing appearance and brighten up the store ambience. The optical settings of the lamps were adjusted to ensure maximum visibility of the merchandise on display. In addition, the heat-free performance of LED means BP does not have to spend extra money on air conditioning or refrigeration.


    Elsewhere in the station, StyliD Mini LEDs and LuxSpace Mini were used to accent product displays. The clean LED light provides excellent color rending, which makes merchandise appear more appealing. The new gas station lighting has given the stations a fresh look, helping to attract motorists while providing a great atmosphere for resting and refuelling.


    The LuxSpace and Petrol LED light fixtures used in the project are ‘fit and forget’ solutions. With up to 50,000 hours lifetime, they eliminate the need to regularly replace lights.

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    BP Europa SE


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    Brightening journeys
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