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    Sustainable lighting,

    lasting visibility

    NH Hoteles Eurobuilding,
    Madrid, Spain

    Find out how LED parking lot lighting is improving visibility at NH Hotel Madrid
    Cars parked by the light of Philips' lighting at NH Hoteles car park

    The LED tube technology
    provided by Philips

    meets the needs of the space perfectly while minimising costs and maintenance. Furthermore, the reliability, quality and performance of the solutions offered by Philips were decisive factors in our selection of this option from the vast range of products we trialled for this installation.”


    - Juan Antonio Caballero, Head of Engineering, NH Hoteles

     Philips industrial parking lot lighting illuminates the NH Hoteles Eurobulding car park
     A car exits the NH Hoteles car parking lot, which uses Philips LED energy saving lighting

    Customer challenge


    The NH hotel chain takes sustainability seriously. Seeking to reduce energy consumption, the company decided to upgrade some of its fluorescent lighting. With 17 brands and products being tested for the Madrid hotel’s car park, would Philips lighting come out on top?

    The right lighting 

    The light renovations were part of the hotel’s 2008-2012 Environmental Plan. In addition to reducing energy consumption, the plan involves rationing water consumption, improving waste management, and using renewable sources of energy. In order to achieve these aims, the chain created a ‘Sustainable Supplier Club’, which includes Philips as a prominent member.


    The aim of the lighting project was to introduce more sustainable products with lower energy consumption. At the same time, the company didn’t want to compromise on lighting levels and visibility. To determine the best solution, the hotel tested out 17 different brands of parking lot lighting.


    The LED Philips MASTER LEDtube was the overall winner. The test showed that it combines the best illumination with minimal energy consumption. Other decisive factors were the quality of light, the product design, and the fixture’s durability. A total of 305 MASTER LEDtubes were installed. The car park now has excellent visibility that maintains safety for drivers, thanks to the optimized light temperature.


    The new energy saving lighting is uses 40% less electricity than conventional alternatives. In addition, the tubes boast a life cycle of up to 40,000 hours. Eighteen months on from the original installation, none of the new lights have failed.

    • MASTER LEDtube EM/Mains T8
      MASTER LEDtube EM/Mains T8
      The Philips MASTER LEDtube integrates a LED light source into a traditional fluorescent form factor. Its unique design creates a perfectly uniform visual appearance, which cannot b...

    Creating a safer
    parking environment

    The Team

    NH Hoteles, NH Eurobuilding Hotel


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