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    ambience adjustment

    Sydney, Australia

    Find out how smart lighting controllers are creating an eco-friendly ambience at Westfields
    This Westfield Sydney circulation area is illuminated by Philips office lighting using lighting controls

    Intelligent office
    lighting controllers

    helped Westfields to save 30% on its energy bill”
    This meeting room at Westfield Sydney uses Philips office lighting controls to help save energy
    The Westfield Sydney coffee bar provides a comfortable lighting ambience thanks to Philips lighting controls

    Customer challenge


    Westfields is a shopping legend. It is the world’s largest retail property group, with 40 centers in major cities around the globe. For its 10-floor office in Sydney, the company wanted a lighting system that would make it come first in sustainability too.

    The right lighting 

    Our team got to work installing new lighting. At the heart of Westfield’s new system is the Dynalite control system. Using Digital Addressable Lighting Interface(DALI) technology, it delivers increased energy savings by monitoring and controlling lighting. Rather than leaving users to adjust the lighting manually, the Dynalite system will dim the light whenever rooms are empty, or when there is enough daylight present.


    A total of 300 DALI fittings were installed in the building, controlling a range of energy-efficient LED and fluorescent luminaires. The setup, which is managed globally through a central computer, ensures that there is a comfortable level of light throughout the building at all times. In addition, employees can manually adjust the lighting levels to their own tastes if they want to.


    The new lighting has created a new benchmark in energy savings, comfort, and flexibility. In addition, the Dynalite control system is easy to upgrade and modify in the future, making it an excellent long-term investment.


    The cutting-edge lighting solution has helped Westfield to achieve both a 5-star NABERS Energy rating and a 6-star Green Star rating. By reducing energy consumption by 30%, it has drastically reduced electricity costs.

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    Saving energy
    with LED

    The Team

    Westfield Sydney


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