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    dazzling discussions

    Audi offices,

    Neckarsulm, Germany


    Find out how Audi’s meeting room has been enhanced with LED lighting.

    The meeting room of Audi lit by Philips lighting

    Everyone who walks
    past the redesigned room

    admires the lighting, with many of them remarking: I wish I had something like that!”


    -Bernhard Schneider, Head of Planning Department, Audi

    Woman is looking to the Philips light illuminating the private office of Audi
    Philips lighting illuminated the meeting room of Audi

    Customer challenge


    As a world leader in design, optimized working environments are a priority for Audi. Seeking state-of-the-art facilities for its modern offices, it needed a lighting solution that would meet its high standards for efficient design

    Man is sitting on the sky design couch on the corridor of Audi lit by Philips lighting

    The right lighting


    Audi has been writing history for over 100 years. Many of its hallmark innovations have been designed and brought to life at its current location in Neckarsulm. In 2008, it decided to renovate its offices with the latest modern office lighting, in line with ongoing efforts to conserve energy and minimize waste. Meeting the requirements of a global player would require something special.

    LED technology was the answer. DayWave was chosen for positioning above the meeting room table thanks to its elegant curved design and linear form. LuxSpace and Fugato downlights were chosen for their high-quality glare-free light and stylish appearance, which fit in well with the Audi brand. Illuminating the room with cool shades of welcoming light, the new fixtures helped to create a pleasant, work-optimized ambience.


    The renovated meeting room is not only helping Audi’s great thinkers to spawn their next big idea, but it’s turning the heads of passers-by too. The upgraded meeting room lighting is also aiding environmental efforts, with LED providing energy savings of up to 70%.

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