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    An additional layer of protection for patients and staff

    Sint-Pieter University Medical Center
    Brussels, Belgium

    Several departments of the Sint-Pieter University Medical Center (UMC) in Brussels have been using UV-C light disinfection for more than 10 years as part of the hospital’s infection prevention policy.

    There are sufficient scientific studies endorsing the effectiveness of UV-C as an 
    air disinfection solution.

    As a university hospital, we need to take a pioneering role in using these types of innovations to protect our patients as much as possible, whether against COVID or other infectious diseases.”


    -Jacky Fafchamps, Technical director, Sint-Pieter UMC

    Customer challenge


    The Sint-Pieter University Medical Center, part of the IRIS network of Brussels public hospitals, is a university hospital known for the quality of its services and care. As such, it often embraces new developments, treatment methods, and technologies, constantly striving to maintain and improve the quality of care and medical wellbeing of patients. Which is why, 10 years ago, it chose to adopt UV-C disinfection technology.

    Air disinfection


    UV-C light embedded in Philips luminaires disinfects the air in rooms that carry a high risk of infection, and has been used for decades to control viral outbreaks such as tuberculosis, measles, or influenza. It is currently being used in the corridors and waiting rooms of the Sint-Pieter UMC's pneumology, radiology, and COVID and isolation departments.


    Philips upper air luminaires allow Sint-Pieter UMC to remain a pioneer of new technologies, and provide an additional layer of security for employees and patients.

    • UV-C disinfection upper air ceiling mounted
      UV-C disinfection upper air ceiling mounted
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