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    Perfect lighting
    for every shoe

    Hohen Neuendorf,

    German shoe retailer, Deichmann, uses a range of different lighting effects to invite, guide and inspire customers. 
    Deichmann, Hohen Neuendorf - highly efficient fashion shop lighting

    and highly efficient.

    Our new lighting ties in perfectly with our new store concept and at the same time helps us to achieve significant energy-cost savings."


    - Wolfgang Turrek, Technical Director, Deichmann SE

    Deichmann, Hohen Neuendorf - Philips shop lighting
    Deichmann, Hohen Neuendorf - Philips fashion lighting

    The customer challenge


    Staff at the Deichmann store in Hohen Neudorf were delighted with their new store concept – the new decor and fittings helped create a welcoming environment and also enabled efficient browsing of products. But there was one thing missing – a lighting plan that supported the store concept. So they decided to commission a new lighting plan, one that supported the new concept and on top of that also used less energy than the previous system. 

    Deichmann, Hohen Neuendorf - Philips lighting fashion application project

    The right lighting 


    During the project we were also asked to provide support with the lighting design. In line with the new store concept and objectives of Deichmann, we created a warm and pleasant lighting plan by using playful contrasts of light and dark. We used downlights and adjustable recessed spots from the GreenSpace product family to ensure good general lighting, while EcoStyle track-mounted projectors provided effective accent lighting for the walls and points of sale.


    We also used swiveling LuxSpace accent elbow in special presentation areas highlight  promotional products, and draw shoppers' attention to special offerings. Inviting them to imagine, to try, and to purchase. 


    Wolfgang Turrek, Technical Director at Deichmann, is very pleased with the new lighting installation: "It really supports our new store concept – welcoming and highly efficient."

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    LuxSpace Accent

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    Persuasive product presentation

    The team

    Deichmann SE


    Visit website

    Wolfgang Turrek

    Technical Director

    Kilian Köhler

    Light Consulting Philips Lighting

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