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    Create an impactful atmosphere (while also reducing waste) 


    Struggling to find a balance between offering a wide variety of fresh foods while also minimizing waste? While also creating an inspiring shopping experience? The right lighting can make a big impact on the success of your fresh food department. Fresh food accent lighting is the perfect recipe for delicious presentation while extending the shelf life of your fresh produce.

    Fresh food benefits at a glance

    Fresh Food Benefits
    Save on energy

    The best presentation

    According to research people remember the color of fresh products as being more saturated than they really are. And when it comes to actually choosing a product, consumer preferences go even further – they want a color that’s even more saturated than what they remember. The right lighting recipe can optimize presentation and enhance sales. 

    Save on energy

    Preserve quality

    Poor lighting affects the quality of fresh produce. The right lighting recipe helps keep food fresh longer, which means a longer shelf life and less waste.

    Save on energy

    Create a memorable experience

    Fresh food LED lighting recipes can help make the difference in your fresh food departments by improving both the presentation and quality of your most perishable products.

    What’s possible with Fresh food LED lighting recipes


    Shoppers know from experience that if food looks good, it will also taste good. Browse through our portfolio of LED recipes that will present your fresh foods in their best light while also helping to minimize waste. 

    How Fresh food LED recipes work





    Fruit & Vegetables


    Fresh food recipe
    Fresh food rose
    Fresh food champagne
    Fresh food frost
    Fresh food champagne
    Fresh food champagne
    GreenPower herbs
    Fresh food champagne
    Benefits of the recipe
    Limits discoloration of sliced meat and perfectly matches with preference and color memory
    Limits lipid oxidation and creates the perfect fresh, rich and flavorful presentation of cheese
    Enhances the fresh, hygienic, cool and ‘just from the sea’ look of fresh fish
    Contributes to limiting the greening of potatoes and enhances the fresh and warm look
    Enhances the crisp, colorful and healthy look of fresh fruit and vegetables
    Contributes to preserving the quality, nutrients and aromas of your fresh herbs
    Enhances the crisp, warm and golden glow of ‘just from the oven’ freshly baked bread and pastries
                                Fresh food recipes available in full portfolio of accent lighting*


    LuxSpace Accent

    Fresh food Pendant


    GreenSpace Accent

    GreenSpace Accent projector

                                * Except GreenPower
    Dedicated StoreWise schedule
    Create an intensity schedule based on time of day and visitor count. Outside opening hours as much as possible in the dark. 
    Tune intensity for optimal presentation
    Tune intensity for optimal presentation
    Dim deep as soon as possible and turn off fully  outside of opening hours
    Tune intensity for optimal presentation
    Boost intensity for optimal preservation and minimize the number of dark hours
    Tune intensity for optimal presentation



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