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happy nowadays

Part 4 of our white paper series, “Illuminated, integrated, and intelligent: Reinventing the workplace,” looks at how happiness has begun to emerge as a new corporate objective, as finding pleasure, fulfillment, and meaning at work is becoming more important to more workers.  

happiness at work

Personal growth over material gain  

Millennials put more emphasis on immaterial values and personal growth than they do on the ingredients of the traditional career ladder.

Greater choices in work styles and workspaces; greater control over schedules, less rigid distinctions between work and private life, and the use of innovative technology can all go a long way to making workspaces more personal, flexible and responsive.


Employees who believe their employers offer them an innovative and fun work environment are more likely to work harder and 2.8 times more likely to remain in their jobs.


Moving up the bliss scale

Science proves that fun is good for business

Fun at work can provide a competitive advantage, help attract and retain employees, and provide the spark to jump-start creativity”

Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher

Authors of The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up

Levity  means light

Happiness-inducing spaces lend themselves to playful and creative uses of light.  


Color-changing LED lighting has a major role to play in shaping compelling experiences that influence mood, create meaning, and encourage creativity.


This immersive, organic tunnel uses a tracking system to respond to the presence and movements of visitors with real-time lighting. It is installed at the DIRECTV headquarters in El Segundo, California, USA.


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