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CityTouch Ready  Partner Program

Working together
to make luminaires smart

At Philips, we believe that a Smart City can only be successfully smart – today and into the future – if it is open. One important aspect of being an open city is to have open systems in place: solutions that connect luminaires from different vendors. This is why we developed the CityTouch Ready Partner Program.


Certified vendors provide CityTouch Ready luminaires of different brands and types. These intelligent luminaires will connect automatically to CityTouch. In this way, a city can use a preferred brand of luminaire together with the CityTouch lighting management system.


The city maintains a fully open platform without getting locked-in to a specific luminaire vendor. And has the assurance of a lighting infrastructure that provides efficient and flexible lighting management.

Transform your city lighting

Philips CityTouch is the most advanced connected street lighting management system. It is the easiest way to manage your city’s lighting through a near real-time, map-based view. CityTouch integrates devices, intuitive software-as-a-service applications and specialized services, to transform a city’s lighting operations. It is an open system that connects via the existing mobile networks, so there is no need to invest in proprietary technology.

CityTouch: an open system

CityTouch open system flexibility
CityTouch works with almost any type of street light from any manufacturer
CityTouch open system apis
CityTouch communicates via the existing mobile network: no proprietary networks
CityTouch open system network
With APIs, customers can integrate CityTouch into their existing systems