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Ready luminaires

CityTouch Ready luminaires

(Worldwide excluding the Americas)

All CityTouch Ready luminaires are true plug-and-play solutions which can be handled exactly like traditional luminaires during installation. It allows you to modernise your public lighting infrastructure and become a connected smart city.


Once installed, the luminaires connect automatically to the CityTouch system, upload their location and technical data, and start transmitting operational information.


With an extensive portfolio of CityTouch Ready luminaires, we will find the products that best suit your needs depending upon your specific application areas.


For more information about the system offering please contact us below.

CityTouch ready luminaire
One of the great things about CityTouch is how much time and hassle it saves. Because it’s a plug-and-play system, the set-up is so quick and easy.”

Jose da Torre,

Maintenance and Works Manager for Ribeira Ferrovial Servicios

Key advantages:

Automatic commissioning

Luminaires automatically connect to the CityTouch system once installed – no operator action necessary.

CityTouch connector node automatic commissioning

Automatic location

Luminaires are auto-located on the map, using the integrated GPS solution, with all asset data in place.

CityTouch connector node automatic location

Automatic data upload

All luminaire data updates straight to your CityTouch system.

CityTouch connector node automatic status feed

System ready luminaire (EU only)

Our System ready (SR) luminaires can help your city keep pace in this evolving smart city era by providing a scalable, future-proof foundation that can be effortlessly built upon as new technological advances emerge. The system is plug and play, which means you can easily click in our CityTouch controllers to begin using the application immediately. And SR luminaires are open platform – which means you’ll always be ready for new innovations that will help your city get more from your lighting infrastructure.


We’re at the forefront by providing connector nodes that are compatible with the new SR socket standard. And in addition to supporting auto-connect and auto-locate functionality, our SR system also allows for auto asset data upload for all “CityTouch Ready” luminaires – something we’re unique in offering in the lighting industry.

CityTouch Ready Partner Program

The Philips CityTouch Ready Partner Program is an efficient way to connect luminaires of almost any brand, type or vendor into the Philips CityTouch lighting management system.


CityTouch Ready luminaires – provided only by certified vendors – are quick and easy to install, and provide automatic commissioning. The result is a fully open platform and a lighting infrastructure that provides efficient and flexible lighting management. Discover more about this program and how it can benefit you.

CityTouch  services

CityTouch data services

Data services

From concept to completion, we can help you collect, input and migrate data, including previously existing data, into the system. This gives you a complete, up-to-date city lighting overview, which allows you to gain deep knowledge and insights about data structure and identify potential opportunities for improvement.
CityTouch integration services

Integration services

We can help set up CityTouch to exchange information with IT systems already in use. Web-based CityTouch APIs allow information to be shared and managed between systems. A single report can be produced easily which details every aspect you may need – a perfect example of CityTouch openness.
CityTouch asset management services

Asset services

We can help identify the most effective lighting solution, now and for the future. The next step is planning and designing the optimal system to meet your city’s specific needs. Our turnkey approach means Philips helps out at every stage, from concept, planning and design to installation and final site acceptance testing.

For any more information about services please contact us below.

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