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Open systems for evolving smart cities

Transform your city,  your way

Philips CityTouch: the leading lighting management system that provides an open platform adapting to the changing needs of smarter cities.


The Smart City evolution is gathering pace. Cities are connecting multiple management systems to get a clearer picture of asset performance, improve efficiency, and enhance city life. CityTouch has been developed for this new world of openness, integration and connectivity.

Open system connected lighting for smart cities
Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice


CityTouch connects all luminaires, regardless of vendor, brand or type, so you always have the freedom to choose those that best suit your needs.


Learn more about how we work with third party luminaire vendors:

open APIs

Open APIs


CityTouch integrates with any asset management system, so you’re never locked-in to one vendor. It is perfectly suited to the new smart city, built on open application programming interfaces (APIs), that link any city vertical or horizontal.

no proprietory networks

No proprietary networks


CityTouch connects via existing mobile networks, so you don’t need to invest in proprietary technology.

Smart Cities
for an enduring future

How digital technologies are making cities more livable, resilient, economically sound and sustainable.

CityTouch success stories: