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connector kit

CityTouch connector kit

(Available in the EU)

Connect all your existing luminaires to the CityTouch system by simply mounting the compact CityTouch connector kit to the luminaire pole.


The connector kit fits within the width of the pole, and requires only a single drilled hole, standard Band-IT metal bands or similar, and easy wiring. The connector kit works with street lights from almost any manufacturer, both LED and conventional, dimmable and not-dimmable lights. Commissioning is automatic. As soon as a CityTouch connector kit is installed, it starts transmitting location and operational information via the public mobile network.

CityTouch connector kit luminaire

Many cities have run LED renovation programs, but also have historical lights in the city center, and now want to ensure that these street lights get connected. We have developed the CityTouch connector kit, so that cities can upgrade their lighting infrastructure independent whether new installed or retrofit."


Peter Zink,

Global sub-segment manager, Roads and Streets

Philips Lighting

Key advantages:

Automatic commissioning

Luminaires automatically connect to the CityTouch system once installed.

CityTouch connector kit automatic commissioning

Automatic location

Luminaires are auto-located on the map, using the integrated GPS solution, which groups together all luminaire location data.

CityTouch kit automatic location

Upgrade existing luminaires

Connect all your existing lighting infrastructure to CityTouch.

CityTouch kit upgrade existing luminaires

Smarter products, smarter lighting

CityTouch connector kit, smarter products, smarter lighting

The CityTouch connector kit lets your city enjoy the benefits of Philips connected street lighting quickly and with minimal disruption. Once you have installed the CityTouch connector kits, you can start using the CityTouch software applications to monitor status and energy consumption and to remotely control each light point.


To find out more about the system offering contact us below.

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CityTouch  services

CityTouch data services

Data services

From concept to completion, we can help you collect, input and migrate data, including previously existing data, into the system. This gives you a complete, up-to-date city lighting overview, which allows you to gain deep knowledge and insights about data structure and identify potential opportunities for improvement.
CityTouch integration services

Integration services

We can help set up CityTouch to exchange information with IT systems already in use. Web-based CityTouch APIs allow information to be shared and managed between systems. A single report can be produced easily which details every aspect you may need – a perfect example of CityTouch openness.
CityTouch asset management services

Asset services

We can help identify the most effective lighting solution, now and for the future. The next step is planning and designing the optimal system to meet your city’s specific needs. Our turnkey approach means Philips helps out at every stage, from concept, planning and design to installation and final site acceptance testing.

For any more information about services please contact us below.

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