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Connected lighting  for a dynamic city

CityTouch  connect application

The CityTouch connect application allows you to manage each light individually or in custom groups. Monitoring and adjusting any luminaire in your system is just a few clicks away.

You can set custom lighting and dimming schedules, so that, for example, there is more light in the center on Friday evenings and less light in the business district on weekends. Straightforward remote management makes your city lighting fully flexible, so your citizens will always have the illumination they need. And with improved visibility over individual lights, you can monitor energy use and identify outages immediately.
CityTouch connect application
CityTouch connect application

street lights remotely


Respond to changing needs by activating, deactivating or adjusting the brightness of street lights. Remote control lets you boost light levels to improve safety and visibility, or dim levels to save energy and preserve the night sky.


The CityTouch connect application makes it easy to:


  • Adapt light levels with a simple click
  • Set flexible lighting schedules in advance using the calendar function
  • Store specific dimming profiles for every individual luminaire
Manage street lights remotely

luminaire status


CityTouch lets you monitor the health of your entire lighting infrastructure without costly, time-consuming night scouting. You can get status reports for individual luminaires with a click of your mouse.


The CityTouch connect application makes it easy to:


  • Get automatic failure notifications from street lights in your city
  • Have access to the latest status updates on lighting infrastructure
  • Send repair crews only when and where needed, improving operational efficienc
Monitor luminaire status

energy use


How much energy is your lighting using? Track and evaluate your electricity consumption accurately, with the CityTouch connect application.


Data graphs help you see when and where savings have been made. To optimize energy efficiency, you can easily measure and compare the energy usage of single light points, groups of light points, or entire city districts.


The CityTouch connect application makes it easy to:


  • See full breakdowns of energy usage, including historical data
  • Quantify the effect of energy-saving initiatives
  • Make sure you are only paying for the energy you actually consume.
Measure energy use

CityTouch  services

CityTouch data services

Data services

From concept to completion, we can help you collect, input and migrate data, including previously existing data, into the system. This gives you a complete, up-to-date city lighting overview, which allows you to gain deep knowledge and insights about data structure and identify potential opportunities for improvement.
CityTouch integration services

Integration services

We can help set up CityTouch to exchange information with IT systems already in use. Web-based CityTouch APIs allow information to be shared and managed between systems. A single report can be produced easily which details every aspect you may need – a perfect example of CityTouch openness.
CityTouch asset management services

Asset services

We can help identify the most effective lighting solution, now and for the future. The next step is planning and designing the optimal system to meet your city’s specific needs. Our turnkey approach means Philips helps out at every stage, from concept, planning and design to installation and final site acceptance testing.

For any more information about services please contact us below.

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