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LED stadium lighting powering incredible experiences

Create exhilarating fan experiences for arena and stadiums

Bring every event to life with thrilling light shows that captivate fans at the arena and via live broadcasts. Incredible light effects fuel excitement, helping sports teams and performers engage with the crowd.


At Philips Lighting, we help venues use stadium lighting to create a fan experience like no other. With our ArenaVision system, you can customize lighting for any sport or entertainment event, enabling you to diversify revenue streams. LED stadium lighting meets broadcasting requirements and can also help reduce operational costs while improving sustainability.

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ArenaVision benefits at a glance

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Improve the fan experience

Create stunning light effects synchronized with sound and music to make every game and show spectacular.

Diversify revenue streams

Provide incredible lighting for high-end entertainment events and attract new event partners with a multi-use venue strategy.

Meet the latest broadcasting and sports federation standards

Flicker-free LED lighting complies with HD and super slow motion standards

Create a safe venue

High quality lighting keeps players and fans safe, comfortable and focused on the game while improving crowd flow.

Reduce operational costs

Improve sustainability and streamline maintenance with energy-efficient LED lighting and controls.

What’s possible with ArenaVision

ArenaVision is a lighting system that offers full controllability and remote monitoring, while also interfacing with building management systems. With a dedicated controls network and software applications, this is a scalable and flexible lighting solution to suit your venue’s specific needs. To maximize value, you can choose from the following three packages: 

How it works

ArenaVision: control stadium lights from anywhere -via mobile access

Mobile access


Using mobile devices, your team can control ArenaVision from virtually anywhere, turning lights on or off, dimming them and easily managing preset lighting scenes. They can also monitor and troubleshoot lighting remotely. A customized interface gives your team total control.

ArenaVision: Broadcast-ready LED sports lighting

Broadcast-ready floodlighting

Get the perfect broadcast every time with ultra high quality flicker-free pitch lighting that complies with broadcasting and sports federation standards. ArenaVision LED Floodlights are aimed to ensure perfect horizontal and vertical light uniformity with eight different optics available to meet your stadium lighting needs.

Highly scalable

ArenaVision LED floodlights are controlled via a driver box that provides on/off switching, dimming and thermal management. A dedicated Ethernet control network with Art-Net protocol and DMX network nodes connects all system components in a highly scalable and flexible lighting architecture.
ArenaVision: instant stadium lightshows with preset lighting scenes

Instant light shows

Venue managers and technicians can activate stunning LED light shows instantly using preset lighting scenes stored on ArenaVision’s central lighting settings controller. Lighting scenes can include lights, audio and video, helping your venue set the mood and build excitement at the touch of a button.

Custom lightshows

For special events, you can grant external production teams access to the ArenaVision system via an external event console. This lets them synchronize your ArenaVision stadium lighting with custom lighting profiles and special effects supplied by performers, teams and sponsors.

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