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Ekaterinburg Arena


Yekaterinburg - Russia

The Central Stadium of Yekaterinburg, also known as Ekaterinburg Arena, is a multi-purpose stadium in the city of Yekaterinburg, the fourth-largest city in Russia. It is the home ground of Russian Premier League football club FC Ural Yekaterinburg. The capacity of the stadium is just over 35,000 seats.

The Central Stadium was built in 1957 and had been through two large-scale reconstructions since.  The lighting renovation project conducted by MT Electro was part of the latest reconstruction of the stadium and had two main goals: to provide the best-in-class sports lighting for 2018 world soccer tournament and make the stadium a unique showplace of the city of Yekaterinburg. 


The first task was challenging, though feasible: with Philips ArenaVision LED floodlighting projectors the Stadium would reach the highest level of light quality complying to the federation. However, RGB façade lighting was initially not in the project scope due to budget constraints. The idea to make the façade a huge media screen encouraged the investor to allocate additional budget to the project as it would make the facade an attraction, a dynamic decoration of the city center that interacts with citizens and tourists.


As a result the Stadium became not only a great host venue of the world soccer tournament but also the renewed façade became one of the most popular backgrounds for Instagram photos of Yekaterinburg in 2018 and will continue to be the largest video-advertising space in the city. Thanks to the creativity of MT Electro team.


Impact on the end user 

  • Optimized power consumption due to LED technology (50% reduction of installed power).
  • Improved safety and flexibility of lighting system due to LED technology and lighting controls.
  • The best looking media-facade in the city due to its size and the popularity of the Stadium building.
  • The largest fully controllable LED installation in the city (520 high-power LED projectors, 360 of which are * ArenaVision LED gen2, and just over 6 thousand pieces of new facade fixtures called Philips UNIDot working as one screen.

Customer  feedback

Yekaterinburg Arena is the most significant installtions of my whole career and indeed is a priceless experience for me personally and for my company Sinara Group"

Timur Ufimtsev

General Director, Sinara Development

Featured products

ArenaVision LED gen2
Philips UNIDot
Tango G2 LED

Project team

Value Added Partner:
MT Electro

Lighting Designer: Vasily Karev - MT Electro, Vitaly Stepanov - Signify

Client: Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Sport-Engineering

Other people involved: Ekaterina Peseukova, Project Manager MT Electro

Installation date: January 2018

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