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Introducing Philips LiFi Systems

Wireless access to the internet or internal networks has become the standard in the global market. But with countless more connected devices and expansion of Internet of Things (IoT), shared bandwidth is already creating interference and security problems for some of our customers. Multiple networks can interfere with each other and networks can become overloaded and in some locations it is not preferred or even permitted to use radio signals to communicate at all.

Philips LiFi systems offer a new way to connect wirelessly using LED light. Data is sent through light waves that are modulated at the light source and received via an integrated infrared sensor. By plugging into a LiFi internet zone users can access and transfer data instantly by using a simple personal USB access key. The LiFi zone is completely secured within the pool of light created by the LED luminaire.
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Applications of Philips LiFi Systems

For businesses and organizations that require a next level of internet connectivity, Philips LiFi systems offers a perfect solution. Among various applications, it adds value in areas such as banking, government, healthcare and industry. But it can also provide secure, personal connectivity for senior management or anyone concerned about data privacy.





Robust and stable connectivity

Unlike Wi-Fi, which uses radio waves for wireless communication, Philips Li-Fi systems use light waves to provide data communication and illumination. LiFi isn’t just immune to indoor interferences, it creates no interference of its own, thereby helping environments that already have a congested radio frequency spectrum. And importantly, Philips LiFi systems can be used in locations with poor radio frequency signals – or none at all.

The robust connectivity of the system offers the high-speed, stable broadband connection scalable up-to 15 users under single luminaire.

Secure communication


Philips LiFi systems offer a secure and stable solution that cannot be accessed through walls and physical boundaries in the way that open Wi-Fi networks can. As data is sent through light waves, you can only plug into the LiFi zone by standing in the pool of light created by the LED luminaire. A personal USB access key or dongle is also required to receive and emit the light waves, adding a further level of physical security to the LiFi connection.

LiFi enabled luminaires


Philips LiFi systems offer a solution that can be fully integrated in the total lighting system, without compromising on lighting quality and performance.

LiFi enabled Philips luminaires are equipped with the special modem, modulating the LED current. Customized integration is possible with various Philips luminaires for a wide variety of applications. Among our first LiFi enabled luminaires we offer Philips PowerBalance gen2 as well as Philips LuxSpace downlight. Philips PowerBalance gen2 can be used for wider coverage in work-space areas of the office or schools while Philips LuxSpace downlight is more suitable to create a secure LiFi zones for hospitality areas.

Why Philips LiFi Systems?


As the world leader in lighting Philips is best placed to offer a total LiFi solution today. Our systems approach means you have access to everything you need from light sources and modems to personal access keys. Philips utilizes its expertise to industrialize the production of LiFi and make it truly the next level in connectivity.

Energy-efficient LED carrier


LED has already transformed the sustainability of lighting with significantly lower energy costs and a longer lifetime than conventional solutions. Using LED installations to provide light and communication takes lighting beyond illumination, complementing existing Wi-Fi networks with the next level of stability, speed and security.