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  • Leontiene van Genuchten

    Leontiene van Genuchten

    Leontiene van Genuchten is a practical researcher in heart and soul with a dedication to meeting growers’ needs. Since she joined Philips Lighting - Horticulture LED Solutions in 2015 as a Plant Specialist, part of her job was to improve rose cultivation with LED grow lights.

  • Wim Steeghs

    Wim Steeghs

    Throughout his career, Wim Steeghs has successfully put his passion for plants and keen business sense to work to help companies grow.

  • Blake Lange

    Blake Lange

    For the past two-and-half years, Blake Lange has been helping people make the shift to a new way of growing as Business Development Manager.

  • Gao Song

    Gao Song

    Key Account Manager Gao decided to return to China to convert his learnings, observations, and thoughts to promote Chinese horticultural production.

  • Gauri Maharjan

    Gauri Maharjan

    Plant Specialist Gauri understands the tremendous impact that modern agricultural technology can have in Japan.

  • René van Wees

    René van Wees

    Application Engineer René has extensive experience with lighting solutions and believes in the power of LED lighting.

  • Thijs van den Bergh

    Thijs van den Bergh

    GrowWise Plant Specialist Thijs is working hard to find the ideal growth recipe for growing healthy vegetables in city farming applications.

  • Rachelle Winningham

    Rachelle Winningham

    Application Engineer Rachelle loves the variety in her job and the fact that her work can make a real difference in how we feed the planet.

  • Harrie van der Linden

    Harrie van der Linden

    Application Engineer Harrie has long experience of working with light and electricity and enjoys doing pioneering work in new horizons in horticulture.

  • Pascal van Megen

    Pascal van Megen

    Whether he is making lighting plans for a greenhouse or defining the requirements for a city farm, Application Engineer Pascal is always focused on finding the right balance.

  • Andris Stuks

    Andris Stuks

    Plant Specialist Andris tells us about the challenges that arise in his field and in ‘his’ working area, Northern and Eastern Europe.

  • Abhay Thosar

    Abhay Thosar

    Plant Specialist Abhay tells us about the growing popularity of city farming in North America and the revolution being brought by the use of LEDs.


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