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Philips Selecon
Rama 150 PC

Not available in North America

A  crisp beam and minimal light scatter PCs provide superior control and light quality when needed.

The Philips Selecon Rama PCs provide a great alternative and complementary products to profiles and fresnels for small to medium size spaces. 

Key features and benefits

Adjustable yoke balance point.
‘Swing-down’ door for easy access to lamp or cleaning.
Smooth ‘posi-slide’ focus system, no metal to metal contact.
Constructed of aluminium extrusion and molded engineering plastics.
Cooler operation due to use of engineering plastics on front (color frame mount) and rear of fixture.
Heat-insulated rear grab-handle which doubles as handy storage for the 3-foot fixture supply cable.
Tilt and focus scale is in real degrees allowing for accurate WSIYWYG implementation.
Permanently attached integrated safety cable ensures that this important safety requirement is always on hand.
Integral micro-switch provides automatic disconnection of power to the fixture when opening to relamp.
Three year limited warranty.

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