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NEO Playback Controller

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Adding to our NEO family of products is the NEO Playback Controller. This rack-mount device is designed to store and run pre-programmed shows using the same powerful NEO Lighting Control Console operating system software. 

The NEO Playback Controller can sit on a LAN or operate independently for theatre, themed entertainment productions and more.

The Playback Controller can sit on a LAN or operate independently with the ability to control up to 100 universes of DMX. The touchscreen interface has multiple tabs to view, playback and configure the controller with unlimited cues, cue lists, groups, palettes, effects, and macros. Along with its ability to control timed events with sunrise/sunset, the Playback Controller also offers pixel mapping, magic sheet layouts, blind pre-visualization and much more.

Key features and benefits

Up to 100 Universes of DMX per Console
Unlimited Cues, Cue Lists, Groups, Palettes, Effects, and Macros
Flexible Shortcut System
Time Line Effects
Media Playback
Touchscreen capable interface
Tracking, Cue Only and Hybrid Tracking
Generic Palettes

Pixel Mapping


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