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Philips Strand
EC21, C21 Rack dimmer systems

The EC21/C21 dimming system represents premium performance and high value for all levels of users.

Designed to interface directly with Strand Lighting’s ShowNet Ethernet, the EC21/C21 system includes an Ethernet port and an optional integral 4 port switch and a wide range of inputs. Two DMX512 inputs are standard with the second input available for use as an RS485 port to support our architectural system and 128 back-up presets.

All Thyristor dimmers feature high performance chokes and two levels of rise time filtering. The latest technology IGBT dimmers are available in dual 2.5kW and single 5kW dimmer modules. IGBT dimmers provide virtually silent loads. The EC21/C21 system may be fully populated with IGBT dimmers or mixed with Thyristor dimmers in the same rack offering best value.

EC21/C21 Dimming systems feature a universal 24 or 48-module rack design that provides support for 90-260 volt operation and is CE marked, meeting a wide range of requirements within a single rack.
Philips Strand EC21, C21 Rack dimmer systems

Key features and benefits

European DIN standard breakers
Plug-in modular dimmer system
Advanced technology processor features a built-in Ethernet input port
24 and 48 module racks with lockable easy view steel doors
Optional RCD per circuit architectural control
128 back-up pre-sets
Emergency rack panic feature (hard wired for security of local or remote control)
Dual 3.0kW and 5.0kW Thyristor dimmer modules with 200μs or 435μs filter chokes
Two year limited warranty

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