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Bringing movies to life


Our new HLD LED projection system gives you a better viewing experience on screens of up to 100 inches in diameter. So you can leave the lights on and you don’t have to close the curtains anymore. Our ColorSpark HLD system combines high levels of LED based brightness with crisp and lively colors to bring brilliant life to the screen.


How do we know our system works? We asked you to test it. In a survey conducted by Insight Media, an independent consumer research company, more than two thirds of the respondents preferred the projector equipped with our new ColorSpark HLD LED system over those from other leading projection systems.

Color Spark
Philips ColorSpark HLD LED green module gives 4x more light than current LED technology, resulting in up to 3x more screen lumens.

Sharper images, anytime


Our ColorSpark HLD LED projection system lets you see everything that’s on the screen in sharp definition and clear colors. That’s because its new technology emits four times the light of current LED technology, making the screen up to three times brighter while still keeping brilliant color performance. In tests, our ColorSpark system in RGB mode came out on top as the preferred light source against laser-phosphor and conventional LED based projectors in this brightness segment.

Philips ColorSpark HLD LED delivers the purest sparkling color components for RGB

Getting each color right


High-definition televisions must meet certain standards. These standards were set out in Rec. 709 by the International Telecommunication Union to ensure picture quality,particularly in the delivery of the color spectrum. But even with standardized requirements, some systems outperform others. In the recent Insight Media survey,our ColorSpark HLD LED was the clear winner in best color accuracy, best contrast, best picture quality and most pleasing colors.

Philips ColorSpark HLD LED is ideal for entertainment at home, classrooms, conference rooms, entertainment venues, stores and malls



Sure, our ColorSpark HLD LED system allows for amazing projection at home, but that’s not where it ends. In addition to the living room, we’ll be looking at uses in classrooms, conference rooms, entertainment venues, stores and malls (for digital signage), and much more. Due to its scalability, ease of installation and maintenance, energy use, cost and overall performance, ColorSpark HLD LED is supremely suited to all of these environments.

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