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Philips safety vision

Road safety starts with seeing and being seen. Road safety starts with good quality car lighting!

Preventing accidents

Light is fundamental to driving and light is the first and only part of the safety circle that actually helps prevent accidents. Philips promotes active safety protection to prevent accidents by increasing overall visibility and road illumination. This allows drivers to be seen sooner and to see further down the road so they can avoid potential hazards. When combined with passive vehicle safety features, Philips active safety lighting solutions help enhance overall driver confidence and promote a safer driving experience.
follow the 6 safety steps to prevent accidents


Night driving and poor weather conditions are the main factors in over 60% of automobile accidents. The human eye is poorly adapted to seeing in the dark: a young driver with perfect eyesight loses 2/3 of his visual capacity at night. The acuity of night vision also decreases rapidly with age. For example, at 45, the human eye needs four times more light than at the age of 25 to perceive the same information.
Diagrams showing the percentages of night and bad weather driving

Diminished visual acuity at night results in:

  • poorer color perception and diminished contrast
  • increased sensitivity to glare
  • difficulty evaluating distances
  • fatigue

Graph showing the increase of accidents happening involving younger drivers

Philips powerful halogen and xenon lighting helps to ease these difficulties and maximizes night vision at all ages. Philips lighting is precise and powerful, making it easier to see obstacles and provides the driver with more time to react.


We produce high-quality automotive lighting with maximum light output combined with long-lasting performance to offer the most efficient lighting solutions to our customers because we know that our high-quality lighting may save lives.