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Philips Service tag
for industrial applications

Philips Service tag

LEDification is a growing trend in industrial applications like warehouses, parking garages, logistics centers and food production areas. Amongst the major benefits, high energy efficiency, outstanding quality of light and low maintenance costs can be listed.


But LED lighting is a more complex technology than conventional lighting. As a result, LED maintenance requires different competences and processes. And for safety and efficiency reasons, fault finding and repairs need to be carried out quickly. That’s where Philips Service tag can help. 

service tag video

Success story

Veenendaal, the Netherlands


Jan Zandbergen, a leading producer of high-quality meat, was looking for ways to optimize maintenance operations and keep better tracks of their lighting assets at their new production facility. For this reason, their lighting partner, TechTron Group recommended to install the latest Philips luminaires equipped with the Philips Service tag QR code. See how Service tag's been helping making installation and maintenance operations more efficient and keep downtime in the production area to the minimum.

Philips-Service-tag for industrial applications


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