operational efficiency with

hospitality systems


Go green and save on cost


The challenges facing the hospitality business are clear. Ever-increasing competition means a renewed focus on costs. At the same time, we’re all under pressure to reduce energy usage to support the environment.


LED lighting and digital technology can play an important role in saving energy and cutting costs. And when you combine your luminaires with smart controls and take advantage of daylight harvesting, you can achieve even more in terms of operational efficiency.

How can we help?


Room controls made easy


By simply enabling/disabling specific functionalities as the guest enters or leaves the room, our room control systems deliver increased energy savings and operational cost savings. All commissioning is done outside the room.  The system is designed with a ‘DIY’ mechanism, so your facilities management team can take on maintenance easily themselves. 


Safe and efficient parking


GreenParking comes with zoning and presence detection to ensure you only use the energy you need in your parking lot. Safety is clearly very important to guests, so the system ensures that every zone is lit perfectly on demand – right around the clock. This is intelligent, wireless-controlled car park lighting which can make a huge difference to those visiting your hotel. 


Spot problems before they start


Dynalite Envision Manager spots any potential problems with your lighting before they start affecting the experience of your guests. That way, you can keep your hotel looking perfect. Run scheduled tests through your lighting system and you can see in advance any luminaires that are due for replacement or service. It’s particularly useful for locations which are hard to access. 

where you are

At Philips, we listen to you and understand your needs, acting as a one-stop-shop for systems and services. We can help you to ensure consistent branding across your business and future-proof your venue – even when a global roll-out is required. The experience of our experts and the quality of our technology means you’re always guaranteed impressive support. From start to finish.

Case studies

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Berlin, Germany


This five-star Prussian hotel places a high value on creating the right ambiance for its guests. The new lighting delivers a dazzling effect, but at the same time reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions. And with the bulbs that last between 150,000 and 200,000 hours, there’s a significant reduction in maintenance costs too.

The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall, UK


Dynalite controls are at the heart of the Scarlet Hotel’s new hospitality lighting, which allows the owners to minimize energy waste. Motion detection senses when rooms are empty and automatically dims lights. At the same time, the system can also detect the amount of natural daylight and adjust accordingly.

NH Hotels, Eurobuilding, Madrid


Eco-friendly and already well respected for reducing CO2, energy use and water consumption, the NH Eurobuilding in Madrid made further gains by introducing new LED systems to its hospitality and parking areas. Maintenance costs are now at virtually zero and energy consumption has fallen noticeably.

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