Lighting management system

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Want to get the greatest impact from your LEDs? Then combine them with a control system. You’ll save more energy while optimizing your store’s atmosphere and the appearance of your products. There are several options to choose from:


Create engaging atmosphere and attract shopper attention – all while cutting energy costs. Store-based lighting controls gives you the power to alter dimming levels or color points in different store areas. Depending on your needs, we can configure the system so that different zones can be programmed and adjusted by your installer, store manager or remotely.


A remote lighting management system gives you a central command-and control seat for multiple lighting functions and features. Imagine emphasizing your brand image by centrally deploying and aligning lighting schedules so that all of your stores offer the same atmosphere at the same time of day. Or easily take control of other features -- optimize energy savings, use remote alarming and diagnostics to reduce maintenance costs, or implement automated system testing and reporting for all your stores.


Take a deep dive into your data and gain full control over the productivity and efficiency of your business. Our multi-site energy management system provides a software suite with a wealth of functionality such as equipment controls for lighting and HVAC, valuable information for remote diagnostics and a unique in-store user interface that enables you to supervise your food safety process.

Store-based Lighting Controls


Our powerful StoreWise system combines the best of LED and controls in a flexible package that allows you to adjust lighting to everyday demands. You save energy and cut costs – all while increasing the ambiance of your store.


Store-based Lighting
Lighting Management

Lighting Management


Our Dynalite lighting control portfolio is extremely versatile and includes controllers, sensors, integration gateways, user interfaces and central software. Because of its flexibility and diversity a Dynalite based system can handle any requirement from simple local scheduling and dimming to central software for triggering, alarming and reporting. We will specify the system according to your needs and ensure turn-key delivery of the project. It's a worry-free package tuned to your needs.


Energy Management


Multi-site management systems give you a central command-and control seat. In their simplest form, they offer chain-wide data collection of energy use and the status of in-store equipment. A central software suite gives you insights and enables you to change schedules and equipment settings. By drilling down into the data, you can shift maintenance planning from reactive break-fix maintenance to preventive and even predictive maintenance. We also offer a unique in-store user interface that gives you full control of your food safety process, including paperless administration.


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Energy management


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