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A staple of modern life, petrol and convenience stores constitute a significant portion of overall retail stores – they make up approximately one third of branded stores. Though customers don’t stay long, the right lighting helps create a welcoming atmosphere that will pull them into your space, make them feel safe and help them find purchases quickly and efficiently.


Multi-site retailers face enormous electricity bills despite the small footprints of individual stores. At the same time, they’re challenged by the need to manage maintenance costs and store consistency – all without compromising store attractiveness. Our lighting systems combine the best of LED lighting, controls and design support which makes it easier for you to maximize energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs and create maximum impact with your store or gas station.

Petrol station lighting

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The first and simplest step to saving energy is upgrading your traditional lighting to LEDs – a swap that could reduce your energy use anywhere from 40% - 80%. Add controls and you’ll boost your savings even more while also enhancing the look, feel and productivity of your space. We offer several options to take your lighting system to the next level – from simple control of dimming levels to a remotely-operated multi-site energy management system.

Supervise & Save

Canopy lighting


You need under canopy lighting solutions that deliver high vertical lighting levels, so that your customers feel safe and comfortable. Our luminaires offer a unique combination of reliability, energy efficiency, easy installation and maintenance. Need to change luminaire settings and schedules? You can do that easily from ground level via a phone app, eliminating the need to work at height. And with our free software, you can even read the luminaire’s status while standing on the floor, enabling maintenance companies to easily monitor its age, date of installation and running hours.


Under Canopy

Inviting Indoor


Consumer preferences are shifting to quick, fresh and healthy food options, with an increasing number of stores offering seating so that customers can briefly relax to enjoy good food and fresh coffee. Your store should be welcoming and your products should look fresh and appealing. We can help you make visitors feel more comfortable, display your merchandise more appealingly and improve food integrity – all while maximizing energy efficiency. The result is that your store store goes from a "we have to stop here" to "we want to stop here" location.


Inviting Indoor

Awesome outdoor


The approach roads and parking facilities give motorists their first impression of your petrol station. The right lighting will make them feel welcoming and safe, with good visibility and no pockets of shade. All our luminaires are designed to provide precisely the right levels of light, in the right place, at the right time. The car wash can be a valuable income stream for your petrol station as well as a practical service for customers. Our solutions range from energy-efficient waterproof LED luminaires to total car wash concepts that use color in exciting and dynamic ways.

Awesome outdoor

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