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Flexible   workspaces


Organizations know they have to change and adapt to stay competitive. It’s the same with workplace environments.

Generations X, Y and Z now often collaborate together in companies, but it can be a challenge allowing for different working styles - the old thinking of “a place for everything and everything in its place” and the new thinking of “flexibility is king”.


Offering choice and control of the working environment has a direct link to engagement, productivity and effectiveness. Find out how adopting an activity-based approach to your office space, creating zones - to think, to learn, to collaborate and to be creative, to socialize, and by providing quiet space for solo tasks - can empower your workforce.

Some of the best decision and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people and impromptu team meetings.''


- Marissa Meyer, Yahoo CEO, 2013

If you have an activity-related work environment,
you can choose wherever you like to sit.

- Babette Bouman, Architect, Fokkema & Partners


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Appropriate spaces

By organizing your office space into different zones, where workers can collaborate, be creative together, or just be quiet and get on with solo tasks, you offer maximum flexiblilty and empower your workforce.
Focusing spaces infographic

Focusing spaces

collaborative spaces infographic

Collaborative spaces

Social Learning Infographic

Social spaces

Learning spaces infographic

Learning spaces

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