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The perfect mall experience

Explore the possibilities 

No longer just a place to shop, the mall has become a gathering place, a destination, an entertainment venue, and even a place to spend the night. To deliver a memorable retail experience, the environment you create should be welcoming and engaging – and the right light is essential. From a façade that draws visitors in, to well-lit public areas and easy navigation, Philips LED lighting delivers a cost-effective, sustainable solution that has a positive impact on both visitors and employees alike.

Explore the possibilities

Attract visitors with an eye-catching façade

Lighting for bridges, monuments and facades

Manage your mall’s lighting with a simple,
energy-efficient control system

Dynalite lighting controls

Monitor, manage, and maintain your lighting remotely


Help shoppers relax with improved acoustics and daylight-like illumination

OneSpace luminous ceiling

Change the mood of your mall through color temperature

Tunable White

Encourage customers to linger

Luminous textile

Create a signature ambience

Luminous patterns

Combine safety with savings



Reduce costs

Use daylight sensors for constant light levels using daylight harvesting
Save costs with smart systems that only light areas where and when needed
Support sustainability targets with software that features automatic energy management

Case study
VEGAS, Crocus City

Enhance experience

Balance light levels to make sure customers feel comfortable, stay longer, and buy more
Use smart lighting to guide people and encourage exploration of the whole mall
Create distinctive lighting experiences with emotional impact

Case study
Centrum Galerie

Engage customers

Increase day and nighttime traffic with an eye-catching exterior


Use your façade as an advertising space for top brands


Enhance key events throughout the year with dynamic lighting to drive more footfall 

Case study
Bullring Shopping Centre

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