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Luminous patterns

Unlock the potential of interior lighting

Luminous patterns gives you the freedom to enrich interiors through the integration of color, texture, light, pattern, and movement. We take the versatile power of LEDs and house it in a beautiful bespoke panel, creating a signature ambience that is ideal for hospitality and retail spaces. Impossible to forget, Luminous patterns puts a world of design possibilities in your hands. So you can express emotions, create striking accents and bring spaces to life.


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Transform light into a material

Easy installation


Philips Luminous Patterns panels come fully assembled and ready to install. Within only a few steps you have a fully controllable luminous surface. The panels can be controlled with a separate control element that contains custom light programs. Switching the wall on and off or changing programs is as easy as pressing a single button.

Four adjustable connection points ensure stability and precision. A separate safety mechanism assures that the panels cannot fall off the wall or be unintentionally moved.

Freedom of design


The panels can be adapted for every interior. Select from a range of high-quality architectural foils and powdercoatings or combine patterns of light with UV-cured printing directly on the panels. Blend tactile surfaces with an original sense of brilliance or choose distinctive materials and effects to reflect a unique style.


Panel dimensions can be specified with five-millimeter increments, and custom geometries are available. The secure bracket design enables both wall and ceiling applications.

Vibrant light styles


Our panels come in four different light styles: sparkling round nodes, radiant lines, 2D cutouts and 3D foldouts. Embellish interior surfaces with glittering effects to create captivating spaces that surprise and delight.

Use lines of light to add movement and drama.


All light styles can be applied in either warm candlelight white, neutral white or full RGB. Dynamic light programs bring the designs to life.

Explore the limits


The flexibility of the system opens up a world of possibilities. Parametric designs can be used to create unique pattern styles or custom panel geometries.


Contact our team for our newest developments and the full range of possibilities!


Play of brilliants excites the optic nerves, and in turn stimulates the body and spirit, quickens the appetite, awakens curiosity, sharpens the wit....”


- Richard Kelly

Luminous Patterns Web App


Explore and share different combinations of light styles, patterns and finishes with our Luminous Patterns Design Web App.


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Philips Luminous Patterns is a new venture within Philips Lighting. Our mission is to transform architectural surfaces into luminous experiences. We are a small dedicated team who want to help you in creating your experience.


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