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Connected street lighting


What if lights on your street knew when to stay on longer and when to switch off? What if you could easily check online how much energy street lights are using and which ones need repair? What if your city had full control over its lighting, setting schedules and dimming on demand? What if it had access to elaborate data visualization and analytics, to make better decisions?

We believe this would make for a city that is more sustainable, more efficient and ultimately, a better place to live in. That is why we developed CityTouch.


CityTouch is a lighting management system for public lighting. It offers simple web applications to analyze, plan and maintain workflow management, whilst you can monitor, manage and measure your connected lighting through the applications.

CityTouch connected public lighting for your smart city video
The CityTouch connect app provides a high level of flexibility to meet the different lighting needs in our city at any time.”

Radoslaw Tumielewicz

Director of Roads and Transport Authority, Szczecin, Poland

CityTouch applications

CityTouch is an end-to-end street lighting management system that integrates connected devices, with its intuitive web-based applications

CityTouch connect application - 
measure, manage and monitor

A remote lighting management tool that lets you measure, manage and monitor all connected street lights securely and remotely through a close to real-time, map-based view using any standard web browser, via your existing mobile network.
CityTouch connect application

CityTouch workflow application - 
analyze, plan and maintain

A lighting asset management application that offers rich data visualization capabilities and lighting-related workflow management tools.


The result is an advanced platform that makes handling your public lighting infrastructure easy to analyze, plan and maintain.

CityTouch workflow application

CityTouch: how to connect

When it comes to lighting, every city is different. CityTouch gives you all the flexibility you need, whether it’s a new or retrofit installation.

Philips CityTouch connects all your city lighting, independent of vendor or luminaire type. So you can add connected lighting that works today and for the future, your way. CityTouch offers a wide range of connectivity options. Just pick one option that suits your needs, and manage each individual light point through a single dashboard.
Individual light point communication
How to connect CityTouch Ready luminaires

CityTouch Ready luminaires (Non Americas)


CityTouch Ready luminaires are true plug-and-play solutions. Once installed, the luminaire automatically commissions and locates itself, and starts uploading asset data to your CityTouch system.

How to connect CityTouch connector node

CityTouch connector node (Americas, NZ, AU only)


Just simply plug the light weight CityTouch connector node into a standard socket on top of an existing street light and connect to it.

How to connect CityTouch connector kit

CityTouch connector kit
(EU only)


With the CityTouch connector kit, you can simply upgrade an existing street light by mounting a compact connector kit to the pole.

CityTouch: an open system

CityTouch open system flexibility
CityTouch works with almost any type of street light from any manufacturer
CityTouch open system apis
CityTouch communicates via the existing mobile network: no proprietary networks
CityTouch open system network
With APIs, customers can integrate CityTouch into their existing systems

Meeting objectives globally

A lighting partner you can rely on. With over 120 years of experience in the industry and a keen, developed focus on street lighting, Philips helps you achieve your goals faster. Through our work with small cities and megacities around the globe, we bring you international expertise combined with local know-how. Today already more than 600 customers from municipalities up to mega cities in 35 countries manage their street lighting with CityTouch.


We have developed CityTouch so that it can adapt and grow with you. Since our software is web-based, you always have access to the most up to date version. And we take data safety extremely seriously, offering two-step verification, encrypted user sessions and data backups.

CityTouch meeting global objectives map

CityTouch success stories: