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Sports Campus Dutch Football Federation


Zeist, The Netherlands

The Royal Dutch Football Association is the governing body of football in the Netherlands. It organizes the main Dutch football leagues, the amateur leagues, the KNVB Cup, and the Dutch men's and women's national teams.

The brand-new training facility of the Royal Dutch Football Association already consisted of a new artificial grass pitch with a 500 lux OptiVision LED lighting installation. In the second half of last year, the campus was expanded with three new grass pitches on which Oostendorp Nederland installed lighting installations. These installations deliver an impressive 800 and 1000 lux on the pitches; enough to play national television matches and small international matches.


Design objectives of this project

The football federation demanded the campus 2.0 to be "state of the art". Since the campus is not only a training facility for individual football players to develop their football skills to a professional level, or for injured players to recover an restore their skill level under supervision of experts, it is also the base of several international football camps and the one place where new football concepts, guidelines, and innovations are tested. The pitches on the campus are of the best quality, and thus the lighting must be as well. The amount and the quality of the light needed to match at least the average national stadium quality in the Netherlands, in order to create the possibility to play television matches and attract small tournaments or television matches to the campus. The federation asked Oostendorp Nederland to provide a plan to create such lighting installations on the different pitches. Because the light will be used for a difference of purposes, we created the possibility to set the right light scenes for these purposes with the Perfect Play control system. Through coded mains, dimming is made possible without having to install extra control wiring.


Impact on the end user 

Together with the PerfectPlay control system, the lighting installations provide the customer with a state of the art solution to provide the players with the right light on the right time. The energy efficient OptiVision LED luminaires can be set to training level, an amateur match level and a professional match level creating maximum energy savings, but also to let the players practice their sport in the right amount of light. Climbable poles provide easy maintenance, so is the choice to place the drivers at the bottom of the poles in special cabinets. Dimming the total installation instead of switching off lights to create light scenes always guarantees the players to play in an excellent equal light. The PerfectPlay interface creates the possibility for the campus management to schedule their activities and set the right light levels for the games on the pitches, so trainers and players do not need to worry about the switching the lights. On campus 2.0 the light has become a reliable ingredient of the perfect football concept.

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Project team

Value Added Partner:
 Oostendorp Nederland B.V.

Lighting Designer: Oostendorp Nederland B.V.

Client: Dutch Football Federation

Installation date: Q3/Q4 2018

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