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National Olympic Stadium Dinamo


Minsk - Belarus

During its long history, Dinamo stadium has been the main venue for sports and entertainment events. The aim of the new reconstruction works was to make it a National Olympic stadium, and the new lighting played a major role in reviving this city landmark. 

In 2019, Minsk will host the II European Games. Apart from track and field competitions, opening and closing ceremonies of the Games will take place at the Dinamo stadium. It was necessary to provide the facility with a system that supports different lighting modes, smooth dimming, and dynamic effects. Programmability of the LED floodlights also allows to monitor their status and promptly troubleshoot the system. Another project objective was to provide a lighting system that meets the latest international standards in order to host and broadcast major sports events. ArenaVision gen.2 enabled us to create not only uniform light, comfortable for spectators, TV viewers, and athletes but also spectacular entertainment lighting.


A distinct feature and the main challenge of the project was to install and aim the luminaires on the masts. The big lighting masts with powerful floodlights first appeared in 1980 and were preserved in the modern design. Although such a construction is now rarely found on modern stadiums, it inspired lighting designers and directors to create unconventional effects. For example, the masts with LED luminaires can become pixel displays as part of entertainment lighting.


Impact on the end user

Dinamo stadium” project is an absolutely new level of lighting design for sports facilities in Belarus. The 763 luminaires installed on the canopy and masts open up unique opportunities of multifunctional lighting. The stadium in Minsk can now boast of not just cutting-edge but also a highly scalable lighting technology. The system supports Ethernet and DMX protocols, which means that the light can be integrated with sound and other control systems. The stadium became a perfect venue for concerts and major international competitions. Dinamo was awarded IAAF Class 1 Athletics Facility Certificate and now qualifies for the UEFA Category 4. 

Featured products

ArenaVision LED gen.2
Pharos Controls
Luminex Ethernet-DinMX4

Project team

Value Added Partner:
 Yaska Ltd.

Lighting Designer: Aliaksandr Sirazh, Yaska Ltd.

Client: Minsk City Executive Committee

Optional people: Aliaksandr Vakulchyk, Yaska Ltd.

Installation date: May 2018

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