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Milan & Turin, Italy

An innovative retail store is the result of an uninterrupted research, an attention given to current evolutions and to a new way of thinking.  The phase that precedes a good store design is listening, the customer and his needs. To do a good research, Cean decided to take part in the Milan Food Week 2018, making double interviews in a glass house installed in Largo Beltrami, in front of the Castello Sforzesco.

The aim of the project was to conduct a survey, interviewing as many people as possible, to understand from the final consumers, what were the characteristics of their best supermarket and what, according to them, was to be improved in the stores they frequented daily.


Based on the interviews conducted during the event, one of the underlined aspects was the importance of the aesthetics impact and the mood of the store for the final consumer. One of the highlighted elements is lighting, that plays a fundamental role in enhancing areas and products. The use of cutting-edge products that combine high lighting capacity and reduced energy consumption, is crucial for implementation in the food retail.


Impact on the end-user

Cean conceived, designed and engineered a new proximity market format whose peculiar features are flexibility of the model, easiness of the shopping experience and replicability to be applied on to the different areas of the supermarket.

Featured products

Maxos Led Industry
Stylid Compact and Performace
Greenspace Accent Projector
Luxspace Accent Compact and Performance.

Project team

Value Added Partner:
 Cean Spa

Lighting Designer: Rebecca Dublino

Client: Borello Supermercati, Pam Local.

Installation date: July 2017

Thanks to the work of Cean, the products have become true protagonists of the store making the environment more engaging.
Cean has been installing these products in stores for some time and the bill is lighter too!

Borello Supermercati

More photos  about the project

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