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Modernization of the lighting system

Brzesko, Poland

Modernization of the lighting installation of the warehouse of the ready product. The lifting of the cable trays by 1 meter, which caused the increase in the volume of the warehouse. Till now the pallets have been piled up in 3 levels, after the installation, it could be in 4 levels. Thanks to it the customer doesn’t need to rent additional warehouses. The lamps, which have been used had many set-up options so, that it could be configured accurately for the customer’s needs.

The increase in the volume of the magazine, reduction of energy consumption thanks to using the modern control system, reacting to the movement and outside conditions. Improvement of safety by the installation of the higher quantity of lamps hence better lighting at each storage square.


Impact on the end user 

The customer has received the software Envision Manager. It made possible to fully control the functionality of the lamps and to carry out detailed analysis. Thanks to the use of lamps of Pacific LED type with many set-up options it was possible to configure the lighting according to customer’s needs.

Featured products

800 lamps Pacific LED WT470C
Control system DYNALITE

Project team

Value Added Partner: PROSTER Sp. z o.o.

Client: Browar Okocim, Carlsberg S.A.

Other people involved: Łukasz Martyniak, Tomasz Golonka, Kamil Pyzdek, Michał Ząbek

Installation date: 2017/2018

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