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Triumph Hotel & Mall


Cairo, Egypt

The project occupies 50,000 m2 with building footprint around 30,000 m2.
The Triumph Hotel consists of 241 rooms, 12 royal suites, 6 presidential rooms, 3 wedding halls, two helipads and a shopping mall. 

The project owners and developers wanted to create a pleasant environment at minimum cost, but without compromising on the quality of lighting. 


The solution

Is an affordable, highly reliable solution that minimizes the initial investment while offering a choice of attractive lighting effects that van bring a property to life.


  • Unique atmosphere and excitement
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fascinating ambience attracting more tourists 


The building architecture language is Modular, by highlighting on main elements and concealing others, this architecture will create a new night time beauty and pleasant experience for the users at night.

Featured products

179 Vaya Linear RGB
185 eW Burst
74 Vaya Linear

Project team


Value Added Partner: Hi Tech

Client: Triumph Hotel Cairo 

Installation date: 2017 / 2018

More photos  about the project

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