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Lighting Master Plan of Zapopan’s Basilica and America’s Square 


Zapopan, Jalisco, México

The Zapopan’s Basilica and America’s Square lighting project emerges as a strategy for the tourist, economic and cultural reactivation of the Historical Center of the city in search of the recovery of the night space, inviting tourists and citizens to live a unique outdoor experience.

This Master Plan is the result of technological and energetic innovation. During the development of the project, mechanisms that allow the effective, harmonious and sustainable operation of the system were implemented, making possible the creation of an infrastructure that guarantees an optimal management of the lighting services and the automated control of all installed equipment.

Design objectives of this project
Social welfare

  • Provide a new image to the city, using light as the element for the activities that characterize it.
  • Conceive a comprehensive project that improves the quality of service.
  • Incorporate a high level of visual comfort and innovative concept.
  • Provide security and tourist attraction to create more pleasant spaces for tourists and locals.



  • Create an infrastructure that allows remote management of the lighting service in real time.
  • Control of the lighting service in a single operation and from any location, without technicians for any intervention.
  • The visualization of tones, triggers, and scenes in real time, through strategically placed cameras that allow the 360º monitoring of the building and the square.


Development of the city

  • Create a scalable project that allows the development of a city more interconnected and better prepared for the future growth.
  • Increase the influx of visitors, supporting the local trade in the area.
  • Generate considerable savings in the energy bill and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce light pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.


Impact on the end user:

The use of TIC as management tools allows the passage from an inefficient city to an intelligent city, being able to integrate into the lighting infrastructure strategy:

  • Geographical Focus
  • Smart Services
  • Citizens Interaction


This enriches the experience of the visitor in his visit to the Historic Center of Zapopan, offering a city immersed in technology, composed of platforms that make public services more efficient thanks to the open and transparent information, captured in real time by interconnected devices that converge to a sustainable and responsible city model.

The lighting strategy of The Basilica and America’s Square has improved the economic, tourist and cultural development of the area, achieving a balanced relationship between governments and citizens is possible through scalable projects that provide added value to the quality of life of all inhabitants and significantly improve the tourist experience, impacting positively in the positioning of the city.

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Project team

Value Added Partner: 

Lighting Designer: Hugo Jáuregui Gómez

Client / end user: Zapopan Government
Other people involved: Egea – Citelum - Egea Innovation

Installation date: July 2017

More photos  about the project

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