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Ningbo Zhongshan Road city
beautification Project.


Ningbo - China

Ningbo zhongshan Road city beautification project is located in Haishu and Yinzhou District, covering 180 buildings on Zhongshan Road for 9.2km, from the West Airport Expressway to the East Century Avenue. By reshaping and enhancing the lighting effect of the main road of Ningbo city, this project demonstrated the city's unique historical culture and characteristics.   

As the largest PCK project in the world, this project installed nearly 2000pcs PCK ColorReach luminaires. It's also the largest Philips activesite project in China, which demonstrates Signify's development direction: to be a great connected lighting company in IoT era.


City beautification project not only aims to reshape and enhance Ningbo's city image as an important metropolis of east china, with long and rich historical culture. As the meanwhile, the project increases citizen's sense of safety and pride.


Impact on the end user: 

  • Cost efficiency - 70% energy saving
  • Flexibility and Accuracy - real-time data feedback and remote control 
  • City image enhancement

Featured products

ColorReach Powercore Gen2 RGBW     1800 set
ColorReach Compact Powercore, RGBW    185 set
Data Enabler   350 set
LSM   1 set
Gateway   1 set

Project team

Value Added Partner: 

  • Beijing New Space Technology CO.,LTD. 
  • Ningbo YOKELIGHT Lighting engineering Co.,LTD. 
  • Shenzhen GOLDLAMP Lighting engineering Co.,LTD.
  • Wuhan golden Orient intelligence lighting engineering Co.,LTD.

Lighting Designer:  Xu Dongliang, Jin Peipei

Client / end user: Ningbo Municipal Engineering Office

Installation date: December 2017

Customer  feedback

We are very demanding on the lighting design of the building façade along Zhongshan Road.
The lighting effect of Philips LED floodlight and the quality of Philips controlling system shows PCK 's World-class performance and set a high standard of city beautification project.

Xu Dongliang

Lighting Designer

More photos  about the project

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